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Released: Feb 4, 2015
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Application 7.4.0 - New Install
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Application 7.4.0 - Version Upgrade
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Application 7.4.0 - Source Code
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Application 7.4.0 - Symbols Files
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Release Notes

Major Highlights

  • Added Workflow & versioning API
  • Added multilanguage support to Site Settings
  • Fixed issues where core platform rendered non-HTML5 compliant markup
  • Refactored PortalSettings and Eventlogs to better support future enhancements
  • Enhanced User Search to include email and username
  • Removed obsolete meta tags
  • Updated 51Degrees to
  • Added HTML Editor Manager module
  • Fixed issue where enabling content localization fails with multiple languages installed
  • Fixed issue where password reset error prevented updating password
  • Added localization support for Persian
  • Added localization support for additional culture code formats
  • Fixed issue where profile properties were not displayed using UTF-8
  • Fixed issue where scheduler would fail when large number of history items existed
  • Fixed issue where scheduler would fail with InvalidOperationException
  • Fixed issue where module settings could not be accessed after upgrade
  • Fixed issue where files in folder providers were not deleted properly

Security Issues

  • none

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  • Philipp Becker (6)
  • Jan Jonas (6)
  • Brian Dukes (4)
  • Sebastian Leupold (4)
  • Oliver Hine (3)
  • Rich Campbell (2)
  • Stephen Lim (2)
  • Sacha Trauween (2)
  • Joshua Bradley (1)
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NOTE: Please log any issues you may find to http://dnntracker.atlassian.net

Reviews for this release

Have run upgrade on two test servers. In both cases all account log on names (INCLUDING SUPER USERS) were changed from existing to the email address associated with said accounts. Is this by DESIGN?
by gnossosp on Tue at 2:56 PM
no, the only email related change I can think of is https://dnntracker.atlassian.net/browse/DNN-6093 - i suggest you check you dont have "Use Email Address as Username" enabled.
Reply by cathalconnolly (Coordinator) on Wed at 1:54 PM
Major breaking change in DNN 7.4: Loss of extensionless URLs. Sites still running 7.3 on same host can go to pages without .ASPX extension. In 7.4, going to page without the .aspx gives "Not Found" error. Removing ASPX extension with advanced URL management in web.config adds dashes to URLs (rather than removing spaces like old functionality). This breaks all links to the site. So, the choice is: break all links that contain spaces in page names, or break some links that did not contain .aspx extension.
by goombamd on Feb 20 at 11:25 PM
This update does not work with my Award theme. I cannot edit any of the modules and get errors on all pages. I tested this in my dev environment and rolled back to 7.3.4. I have not put this in my production site.
by huttonjd on Feb 16 at 4:38 PM
please log this as a bug to support.dnnsoftware.com (we will need the theme so we can check it, as sometimes these issues are due to skins/themes using direct SQL rather than the API - direct SQL is not supported)
Reply by cathalconnolly (Coordinator) on Feb 18 at 3:38 PM
On sites not using Ifinity URL Master it works fine, however sites using iFinityURL Master break - still working on a solution...
by PokerDIY on Feb 15 at 12:17 AM
not sure what has happened but upgraded with no problems, have done many times before. However this version doesn't seem to like the Tidy skin, well I think thats the issue. For some reason it keeps reseting back to the original skin supplied with DNN. Also quite a few settings were not carried across on the upgrade, smtp server details gone, country and region not carried across, module settings such as display module title were all reverted back to displaying, and this bloomin smpt password replicating itself eveytime you open site setting in admin still happening. Glad I made a backup first but am going to see if I can fix the issues before doing a rollback to previous version
by stevec68 on Feb 11 at 5:43 PM
Thank you. I think It's really good version in these months... but Where is Persian Localization, I never seen Iran Flag when I install it. Also After Installing When I Add Persian Language, there was no RTL Codes for CSS, JQuery and Date format...! Can you explain about this new feature: "- Added localization support for Persian"
by arminrahimian on Feb 6 at 10:03 AM
You can read more about the support for Persian at http://www.dnnsoftware.com/wiki/page/dnn-7-4-developer-quick-start#Support_for_Persian_added_8
Reply by cathalconnolly (Coordinator) on Feb 6 at 3:17 PM
base.PortalSettings.ActiveTab.SkinPath is null !
by chuanrou on Feb 5 at 3:31 AM
Can you please raise this on dnnsoftware.com's forums, or else log it to support.dnnsoftware.com -we know that activetab.skinpath must be usually populated or no screen would have a skin, so there is something particular about your setup that causes this.
Reply by cathalconnolly (Coordinator) on Feb 5 at 11:46 AM
For the first time on my case it looks like it broke something on my site (Dev site, not prod): As I'm still using _old_ Dnn forum, tag system that it is using does not work anymore...
by juvander on Feb 4 at 5:10 PM
Can you please raise this on dnnsoftware.com's forums, or else log it to support.dnnsoftware.com -it may not be a platform issue, but rather the 3rd party module was doing something it shouldnt (e.g. direct database access rather than using the API)
Reply by cathalconnolly (Coordinator) on Feb 5 at 11:46 AM