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08.00.00 CTP 4 (Build 267)

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Released: Aug 31, 2015
Updated: Aug 31, 2015 by jbrinkman
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Application 8.0.0 CTP 4 - Install File
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Application 8.0.0 CTP 4 - Upgrade File
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Source Code 8.0.0 CTP 3 - Source Code
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Application 8.0.0 CTP 3 - Symbol Files
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Release Notes

DNN 8.0.0 CTP 4 is focused on delivering OAuth Server support, CKEditor and additional Admin module separation.

With DNN 8 CTP 4, we are introducing OAuth server support in the platform. This will allow you to decorate your web service methods with a simple OAuthAuthorize attribute that will authorize users using the new OAuth framework.

In DNN 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 we shipped a new CKEditorProvider as an optional extension. In CTP 4 we are finally making this the default editing experience and have made RadEditor an optional extension. We still have some cleanup work to do for the CKEditor and the configuration tools, but think that the CKEditor provides an improved experience over the RadEditor.

Finally, CTP 4 will see the addition of 6 new admin modules with even more on the way in the next CTP. One of our major initiatives in DNN 8 is to give administrators greater control over what features are installed and potentially to allow DNN to be installed with a minimal Admin UI. This will make it easier for people to build custom solutions on DNN without surfacing admin features which may not make sense for the target audience.

Key Features

  • OAuth Server Support
  • CKEditor as the default HTML editor
  • Admin module separation

Not Included in this CTP

  • Incomplete DCC Viewer/Editor Module
  • Settings Page support in SPA module

Breaking Changes

  • SiteLog removed
  • All NavigationProviders except DDRMenuProvider removed

Previously Delivered Features

  • MVC Modules
  • SPA Modules
  • HMAC Authentication for WebServices
  • Separate Newsletter and Recycle Bin modules.
  • Dynamic Content Type Manager
  • Incremental upgrades


  • ASP.Net 4.5+
  • ASP.Net MVC 5.0.1
  • ASP.Net WebAPI 2.0

You can view the current source code in the DNN 8.0 GitHub repository

NOTE: This is a preview release and is not intended for production use.

Reviews for this release

Database and application versions match - there is an incremental release you can upgrade to. Error: could not find stored procedure dbo.UpdateDatabaseVersionIncrement
by wbonekamp on Sep 2, 2015 at 8:12 AM
can you provide your upgrade path so we can test (that sproc is added as part of 8.0.0 so I'm not sure what might have happened unless the databaseowner/objectqualifier was changed e.g. an install package put over an upgrade package)
Reply by cathalconnolly (N/A) on Sep 9, 2015 at 5:23 PM